Monday, September 21, 2009

MDRP has moved!

MDRP has moved! We say farewell to our Alabama Street location as we join a new family of creative thinkers at our new location out in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. Our new office at 2565 Third Street overlooking a little bit of The Bay itself. This is a temporary settlement until we can get our new studio prepped and ready to go. In the meantime we have gotten rather cozy in the bay side industrial corridor. Oh yea, we LOVE the loading docks too!

UrbanDaddy at Lake Chalet

As we arrived around 11am the Lake Chalet was buzzing with high energy trying to wrap up its many odds and ends before its grand debut in the coming evening. The hustle and bustle of the afternoon was beautifully juxtaposed against the magnificent views of Lake Merritt that wraps around the backside of the renovated boathouse. First order of business, we were given a tour of the restaurant beginning in the main dining room, through the bar than out onto the impressive waterfront patio. It was a quick shoot, unaccompanied by any strobe or flash lighting, faced with the challenge of seamlessly slipping into the chaotic current flowing in and out of each room. We managed to put a pause to the action for a moment to get some vast dining room/bar area shots; everyone held their breath for a moment as we scurried to capture some choice images. The excitement of the day was than complimented by a tasting from the Chalet’s soon to be illustrious menu. As quick and simple as this shoot turned out to be, it was an all around great time!