Monday, February 21, 2011

Interior Architects, Collins College

MDRP on location in Pheonix, AZ!

Interior Architects designed this unique remodel of a former warehouse. The space is a high tech education center for students studying graphic design, computer graphics, and electronic games.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chartwell School, Seaside California

In 2006, MDRP shot the Chartwell School in Seaside, CA. EHDD's Director of Sustainability, Scott Shell, designed the school putting an emphasis on water efficiency and rainwater collection. The water features within the school are used as a tool to teach children about their connection to natural resources.

Marin Country Day School by EHDD Architecture

Marin Country Day School and EHDD Architecture have been working together since 2007 to improve the campus and reduce energy use. The award winning school is now home to the first zero-energy classroom in North America.

MDRP enjoyed making photograph's of the school's new additions. Between the location and the architecture, the campus is a perfect example of outstanding landscape architecture.

Pandora's Box: Joseph Cornell Unlocks the MCA Collection

MCA has a new exhibit opening on June 18th featuring the work Joseph Cornell and timeless relevance to art and the MCA gallery.

MCA's website features Pipolliti Rist's installation to promote the show. The photograph was taken in 1996 by yours truly as a intern. The museum sure knows how to archive and manage a collection! Make sure to stop by and see the exhibit!

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
220 East Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611-2643

Pfau Long Architecture

Pfau Long Architecture is a progressive firm with emphasis on new and experimental technology. The firm is unique in their approach to the integration of design and production. MDRP is pleased to be featured on their new website.

The Activist House was shot two years ago from a neighbor's window during another beautiful San Francisco sunset.