Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Burger Frenzy!

Burgers are definitely an obsession. I think that —when executed right—they are a perfect food. Juicy, chargrilled beef; soft, yielding buns; and savory toppings come together in a glorious explosion of flavors and textures

We were welcomed us with some classic cheeseburgers, perfectly golden buns, melty cheddar and incredibly juicy beef, and this was just the appetizer.  The party continued with glorious chilly cheese burgers, mushrooms and truffle cream cheese double patties, bacon and blue cheese double and for a healthier vegetarian option (but still incredibly tasty) fried tofu and mayo with some romaine for some extra vitamins.

Burgers are a nostalgic food that brings me back to a simpler time in life: backyard barbecues, an afternoon with friends watching games. It may be my North American sensibilities, or a pull towards childhood tastes, but Burgers just refresh all those memories and made my day much yummier.

The undisclosed popup we will be released soon, stay tuned!

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